BJJ Class
The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program is divided between Kids and adults. The Adults classes are split between classes for Beginners and classes for Intermediate/Advanced. The classes vary in length between 1hr for kids and beginners and 1.5hrs for the advanced.

Each class is generally divided into three sections: Each class starts with a warm up, incorporating drills, movements and exercises that help to build strength, flexibility, cardio and coordination specific to BJJ. The warm up is followed by professional instruction breaking down and teaching specific BJJ techniques and theory. The final section of the class reserved for controlled and supervised sparring, which provides a safe opportunity to test techniques while grappling against other students.

Beginner’s Program

This class is targeted primarily for white and blue belts. The goal of the beginner class is to establish a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through Gracie BJJ theory, technique, and principles. New or less experienced students are taught a core curriculum of 20 fundamental jiu jitsu techniques that will serve as the platform for advancement. Students learn and practice essential techniques; submissions, escapes, positioning and self-defense etc. These skills will develop into the bedrock of their training. After a new student has demonstrated achievement in the fundamentals of BJJ they will be invited to participate in the advanced classes.

Intermediate/Advanced Program

The intermediate/advanced program is our main jiu jitsu program. It is a mixed level class defining the path forward for blue through black belt. Participants with a sound understanding of BJJ principles will start their journey here. The curriculum focuses on detailed instruction, position advancement and fluidity of movement. Students will become fluent in situational attacks, advanced sweeps, transitions, escapes, counters and self-defense. The more advanced students will explore high level transitions, offensive and defensive strategy. Be prepared for both situational and progressive drilling, and a strong emphasis on instinctual learning through intense sparring. Outside competition is encouraged, but not required.

Open Mat Class

The open mat class is a non-instructional class where students may practice the application of technique at their own pace through independent drilling and sparing. This is a free class open to students and non-student guests.

Drill & Kill

The drill and kill class is an hour long modified version of the Intermediate/Advanced class with the first 30 minutes dedicated to drilling techniques followed by a 30 minute sparing session.