Team Ralph Gracie Berkeley

Ralph Gracie opened his first bay area academy in 1994 and established himself as an early pioneer of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the San Francisco Bay Area and in California.

The Berkeley Academy opened in 2005 and has quickly become Ralph’s second largest academy behind the San Francisco headquarters. Under the leadership of 5th degree black belt Eduardo Fraga the Berkeley academy has developed a culture that balances teamwork, competition and a family-friendly environment. Our goal has always been to help every student acheive their best and reach their goals, be it competition, fitness, or self defence.

Eduardo trained and taught in Sao Paulo under the legendary fighter Ryan Gracie (Ralph’s Brother). From 1995 to 1997 Eduardo fought vale tudo with a 7-3 professional record. His individual BJJ accomplishments include placing 10x Pan Americans (Black Belt), 7x Sao Paulo State Champion. In 2008 Eduardo immigrated with his family to the US and joined the Ralph Gracie team.